Frequently asked questions

What Is A Website?

A website is a collection of webpages that consists of images, content, graphics, videos and a lot more! Nowadays, business owners are promoting their businesses by uploading their websites on the web.

What Are The Benefits Of Website Development?

  • GiveS Businesses Identity.
  • Helps In building Brand
  • Showcase Products and Services
  • Gives Visitors A Platform

How Often Will I Get Report?

Mera Web Space Technologies will provide you a temporary URL through which you can determine the progress of your website during the development period. As soon as the development gets over we will notify you to give final approval (corrections).

What Packages Should I Use?

The package should be selected as per your business requirements. If you run a CLOTHING STORE and want to build the store’s presence online, choose to go with E-commerce Website Development. In the same way, if you run a HEALTHCARE/EDUCATION/LAW BUSINESS/HOTELS/FOOTWEAR/SWEETSHOP/SIMILAR REST ALL RETAIL OUTLETS then choose to go with our basic// business website /Online Store packages.

Does It Really Work?

In this era of digitalization, businesses without a strong online presence have less chance to prosper. To have a strong online presence, the key step is website development. Thus, to be in this competitive market as of today it’s highly essential to have a user-friendly website.

How Can I Trust "Mera Web Space"?

  • Highly experienced Team of web developers(engineers)
  • Made hundreds of websites so far
  • Mobile responsive and user-friendly website
  • Post-customer support

What Details I Have To Provide?